Give the Gift of Health, Now and in the Future

Current and Future Uses

Your baby’s cord blood has amazing potential to treat disease. The use of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells is continuing to grow and offers exciting treatment options for the entire family in the future.

Available for a Lifetime

Cord blood and cord tissue stem cells can only be preserved at birth. This means stem cell banking is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once stored, newborn stem cells are available over the lifetime of your baby. If there is ever a need for a stem cell transplant, whether your baby is 2, 20 or 80, there will always be a perfectly matched sample available for use.

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It’s Only the Tip of Iceberg

Now: Over 80 Diseases

Cord blood and cord tissue stem cells are early stage powerful cells which can regenerate tissues of the body. They are present as your baby forms in the uterus, but disappear soon after birth. The powerful regenerative ability of stem cells has been harnessed to regrow damaged tissue in over 80 life-threatening diseases.

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Future: The Possibilities are Endless

Over 1000 clinical trials are currently using cord blood and cord tissue in disease treatment, including breast and ovarian cancer, heart disease, diabetes and much more. Due to their regenerative potential, stem cells are a major area of research in nearly every branch of medicine. Stem cells are thus widely perceived as being the key to the next major breakthrough in the medical field.

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Diseases Currently Treated with Stem Cells

• Leukemia
• Other Blood Cancers
• Metabolic Disorders
• Immune System Disorders
• Red Blood Cell Disorders
• Phagocyte Disorders
• Other Malignancies
• Platelet Disorders
• Histiocytic Disorders

Clinical Trials Exploring the use of Stem Cells

• Gastrointestinal Diseases
• Skeletal Diseases & Injuries
• Damaged Tissue & Organ Transplants
• Neurological Diseases & Injuries
• Heart & Vascular Diseases
• Cancers, Autoimmune & Inflammatory Diseases
• Retinal Diseases

A Precious Gift of a Lifetime

Registering for stem cell banking takes only a few minutes.