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For nearly two decades, Securicord’s laboratory has been a leader in providing premium cord blood banking services. By championing fair market pricing and eliminating unnecessary markups, we’ve ensured that these important services are affordable and accessible to expectant parents across the US.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can order the kit any time prior to the birth of your baby. Most parents order at least 2 months prior to the due date to ensure that they have the kit on hand at the time of delivery.

If your delivery date is within the next 72 hours, our laboratory will contact you immediately after you register to arrange an emergency kit.

Yes! You can choose to delay cord clamping even if you bank cord blood and/or cord tissue. Several scientific studies have looked at the impact of delayed clamping on cord blood banking. The consensus is: delayed clamping will not significantly affect the total number of cells collected for banking.


Our cord blood experts are available to help.
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