Families in Need

Our Families in Need initiative enforces fair market pricing to ensure that cord blood banking is accessible and affordable to all expectant parents across the US.

What is the Families in Need Initiative?

For over a decade, cord blood banking pricing in the US has been inflated for US families far beyond reasonable profit margins. Securicord is committed to making cord blood banking affordable to all expectant parents. The mission of our Families in Need Initiative is to enforce fair laboratory direct, transparent pricing to provide every parent with the opportunity to save their newborns’ stem cells. This amounts to approximately 50% off the current market price of cord blood banking in the US.

Why is Cord Blood Banking so outrageously expensive in the US?

Cord blood banking is at least 2-times more expensive in the US compared to most developed countries in the world. This is because cord blood banking in the US is big business, with huge profit margins and excessive markups. In the US, artificially inflated monopoly pricing is set by the limited number of cord blood banks in the US to increase company profits. This means that the average family in the US pays almost twice a much as a family in any other country in the world. There are currently no regulations in price control in the US for cord blood banking, resulting in extravagantly priced cord blood and cord tissue banking plans.

At Securicord, we are committed to eliminating excessive markups and standing up against corporate greed to make cord blood banking accessible and available to all expectant parents across the United States.

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