Securicord Referral Program

Help increase public awareness about cord blood and cord tissue banking and earn money doing it.

As a Securicord parent, you are automatically enrolled in the Referral Program. When a new member uses you as a referral to bank with Securicord, they can save money and you will receive a cash reward for your time and effort. The more people you share your experience with, the more rewards you will earn.

Log into your Securicord account to find your referral code. If you don’t have an online account send us an e-mail to, so we can set you up.

Yes. Until you receive your code, every time you make a referral send us an e-mail to with your file number, the name and expected due date of the person you have spoken with. Once your referral has successful completed stem cell banking with us, we will credit your account directly. If your account is paid in full, we will send you a cheque for the same amount.

3 Simple Steps to Earning Rewards

Referral Program

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