Next-Generation Vapor Storage Tanks

Vapor cryogenic storage tanks are the safest and most advanced technology in cryogenic storage, dramatically reducing the risk of contamination associated with older liquid storage.

What is Vapor Phase Storage?

Vapor phase storage is the most advanced cryogenic preserving technology available to date. In vapor phase storage cryogenically preserved samples are suspended in liquid nitrogen vapor, so they do not come into contact with each other.

All stem cell samples at Securicord are stored in vapor phase tanks. We guarantee exclusive use of premium next-generation vapor phase storage for all cord blood and cord tissue samples.

Benefits of Vapor Storage

Nextgeneration Storage

Older storage technologies use liquid storage tanks where cord blood samples are submersed in the same liquid.

If a micro-fissure develops in one of the bags, it can potentially contaminate all of the samples floating in the same liquid. Some laboratories attempt to reduce this risk by double-bagging their samples, but the risk still exists.

The latest storage technology uses specialized computer-controlled vapor phase tanks, where cord blood samples are suspended in liquid nitrogen vapor.

This advanced technology essentially eliminates the risk of cross-infection from other samples, as they are not in direct contact with each other or the same storage liquid.

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