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How it works

Why Partner with Securicord?

Whether you're an established industry leader or a brand new business, the Securicord affiliate program can help you maximize your earning potential.


The Securicord Affiliate Program is designed for marketers, influencers, and content creators who want to educate their audience about cord blood and cord tissue banking. It's free to join and offers a way to earn income for each cord blood banking referral.

Our team usually processes affiliate program applications within 5 business days. Once approved, you'll receive a welcome email with everything you need to get started. Due to the high volume of submissions, we can't provide individual feedback on applications that aren't accepted.

Once you're approved for the Securicord Affiliate Program, you'll gain access to our third-party affiliate software. This tool enables you to create and manage your affiliate referral links. Always include your affiliate referral links when sharing Securicord with your audience. Our tracking cookie lasts for 90 days, so you'll get credit even if someone clicks your link and orders later.

You'll earn $50 for every customer who places an order for cord blood banking through your affiliate link. On top of that, you'll receive a bonus of up to $500 after your referral successfully banks their baby's cord blood/tissue. The bonus amount depends on the chosen storage and payment plan.

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Join the Securicord Affiliate Program!


Empower your audience to take control of their health

We are seeking strategic partners interested in offering a tailored approach to preventative health through cord blood banking.

Promote Securicord and earn commission

We work with a wide range of partners that are passionate about preventative health. They are rewarded with competitive commissions for every customer they introduce to Securicord.

How does it works

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