The Cord Blood Banking Process

Cord blood banking is simple, easy and does not require modifying your birth plan. Your choice today can have a tremendous impact on the future of your child.

Cord Blood Banking Process


Order your Securicord kit online or by calling our cord blood experts at 1.888.801.6187.

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Cord Blood Banking Process

Receive your kit

Within 2 days after you enroll, we’ll ship your collection kit straight to your doorstep.


Cord Blood Banking Process

Bring your kit to the hospital

On your delivery day, bring your kit to the hospital and hand it to your birthing team.


Cord Blood Banking Process

Cord blood + tissue collection

Your healthcare professional will collect cord blood and cord tissue samples after the birth of your baby. The collection steps are the same regardless of whether you have a normal or C-section delivery.


Cord Blood Banking Process

At the laboratory

Your baby’s newborn stem cells will be purified, concentrated and cryogenically preserved using computer operated controlled-rate freezing.

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Cord Blood Banking Process

Safe and secure storage

The stem cells can be preserved throughout your child’s entire life and are available for use whenever needed.

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The SecuriCare Console

Enter the future of personalized wellness with our SecuriCare console. This state-of-the-art client care platform will provide you with 24/7 access to your family account from the safety of your own home. You will be able to track your samples, change account information, make payments and much more!

Cord Blood Banking Process

The All-Star Bundle

Securicord is the only cord blood and cord tissue bank offering a full service banking packages with competitive pricing. There are no additional costs or hidden fees associated with any of our banking plans.

What's inside the Collection Kit?

Cord Blood Banking Process

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3 Easy Steps to Bank Cord Blood

Cord Blood Banking Process

Order kit

Order your Securicord collection kit and we’ll ship it to your doorstep.
Cord Blood Banking Process

Bring to hospital on delivery day

Your medical professional will collect your baby’s cord blood + tissue.
Cord Blood Banking Process

Preserve for future use

Our AABB-accredited laboratory will carefully extract and preserve your baby's stem cells for future use.

Ready to give your baby the gift that lasts a lifetime?

Registering for stem cell banking takes only a few minutes.

Cord Blood Banking Process

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