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DNA Maternity Test


Conclusively determine if an alleged mother is the biological mother of a child. Whether for adoption reunions, IVF cases, or other complex situations, this test delivers peace of mind and clarity about maternal bonds.

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The DNA Maternity Test definitively confirms a biological mother-child relationship. This test is commonly used in adoption reunions, IVF mix-ups, or complex family circumstances where traditional methods fall short.

By comparing the child’s DNA profile directly to the alleged mother’s, the test definitively confirms or excludes the possibility of biological motherhood. Our testsing laboratory’s procedures strictly adhere to the highest standards, ensuring complete reliability of your results.

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Stem cells are isolated following a meticulous extraction process that separates red blood cells and plasma from the cord blood. This results in a purified and concentrated stem cell sample, ready for secure banking.

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Each cord blood sample undergoes thorough testing to confirm its sterility, ensuring the banked specimen remains uncontaminated and viable for future use.

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Following cryopreservation, you will receive a certificate of banking highlighting stem cell number, yield, and potency along with information you will need to retrieve the stem cell samples if needed.

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