How Cord Blood Banking Works
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Stem cell basics


Cord blood banking



How cord blood banking works

What you will learn

  • How to register for cord blood banking
  • What happens at the lab
  • How samples are collected after birth

Cord blood banking is easier than you think. When a parent decides to preserve their baby’s stem cells, we ask them to register online to receive a collection kit.

How Cord Blood Banking WorksIdeally, this should be done 4-6 weeks ahead of the due date.

Once you register, the collection kit will be shipped right to your house. All you have to do is remember to bring it to the hospital on the day of delivery.

After the baby is born, and the umbilical cord is cut according to the birth plan of the mother, your healthcare provider will collect the leftover blood in the umbilical cord and the cord itself.

How Cord Blood Banking Works

Everything necessary for these steps from the collection bags to storage vessels is included in the kit.

In the lab, your newborns stem cells sample goes through several different processing steps.

They are checked for sterility, feasibility, and an infectious disease check before stem cells are extracted.

As a final step, we look at the stem cell yield

How Cord Blood Banking Works

before these precious samples are cryogenically preserved using computer-operated control rate freezing.

Once your baby’s samples are safely stored in next generation vapour phase tanks, you will receive an email highlighting stem cell yield and all the other information you need to know about sample retrieval.

You can rest assured that these samples will be safely stored for the lifetime of your baby.

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